EUROPEAN PIGEONS BREEDING LOFT is a breeding loft of homing pigeons based in Slovakia, and merged with EKO-NATUR Racing Team. Main target is to produce high quality youngsters from proven breeding pairs for fanciers in Slovakia, Czech Rep., Poland, Hungary and Austria. Part of youngsters is also designated for fanciers in China, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, USA and some other countries around the world. Some youngsters are and will be given to top racers in Slovakia and Czech Rep. to test them in tough races.


In the breeding loft can be found breeding pairs from TOP fanciers from EU, such as: Leo Heremans, Karel a Tamara Ceusters, Gerard Koopman, Pieter Veenstra, Karel Schellens, Andreas Drappa, Gunter Prange, van Elsacker-Jepsen, Ludo Claessens, Geert Munnik, Jan Aarden, Ad Schaerlaeckens, Gebr. Janssen, Jos van Limpt-de Klak, Martin van Zon, Michael Rudorfer, Rossi Eckelhardt, Maurice Delbar, Alois Stichelbout, Raymund Hermes, Andree Vanbruane, Jean-Pierre Biesmans, Manfred Schmidt, Patrick M. Kuiper, Kees Bosua, Louis van Loon, van Hove-Uyterhoeven, P. & L. Chytil, Lubomir Kubacek, Attila Horvath, Marian Hecko, Jozef Korec jr., Tibor Pernicka and others.



Breeding system is based on pure line breeding and inbreeding "best" x "best". Pigeons are preciselly selected for further breeding. When we pair racers, pigeons must have good results in many races and must have at least one 1. prize from the Province or Region.


Pigeons, which are designated for breeding are from the best breeders and will not be basketed, will go through selection of their exterior, quality of feathers, eye symbols and overall characteristics suitable for further breeding. Their sibblings are basketed in Holland, Slovakia and Czech Rep. Only when we see good results, future sibblings are offered for sale. Youngsters can be ordered direct from our online breedeing catalogue or some will be offered via our auction site EPBL Auctions. We do offer also limited quantity of youngsters which can be used for the basket and are from special pairings of our breeders. They are from 1st and 2nd round. Orders for these youngsters are accepted only till end of February of every year. Youngsters for further breeding can be ordered all year round. Some youngsters are supplied with the DNA certificate of origin.


Every order is confirmed via e-mail, 50% deposit is required and after that we confirm the date of delivery. Pigeons can be picked up at our loft or we will send them via courier all around the world. Postage is charged separatelly.