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SK08-0501-559 x SK13-01003-1441

"559" is 100% R. Hermes from the loft of successful breeder and racer Comb. Hudak-Lackovic (Slovakia). Father of the cock is orig. R. Hermes "3544", which is ancestor os a pair "2965" x "2737".
Mother of "559" is a hen "288" from the loft of Comb. Hudak-Lackovic, which is from a cock "6083" from the loft of I. Sillo (Stichelbout) and a hen "1238", orig. R. Hermes.

"1441" is 75% R. Hermes and 25% M. Delbar. Father of a hen is "108". "108" is orig. V. Branicky. Father is orig. I. Sillo "668", is an ancestor of a pairing of orig. pigeons of M. Delbara "704" x "697". In his veins is a blood of traditional long distance pigeons of M. Delbara "BE04-9120133", "BE01-9145822", "BE01-9156970" and "BE01-2115776" (De Vos Stieme). Mother "108" is basic breeding hen of V. Branickeho "309", which is a daughter of 100% R. Hermes "756" from R. Hudak.
Mother "1441" is a hen from R. Hudaka "1429", which is a daughter of a pairing of orig. R. Hermes pigeons "1589" x "1943".

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