Welcome in International One Loft Race Mocenok, Slovakia 2016

International One Loft Race Mocenok, Slovakia is a new project, which is aiming to real testing of homing pigeons in conditions, which are natural to the age of young pigeons. All our efforts are targeted to eliminate as much as possible the looses of pigeons and give them the opportunity to perform as best as they can.
OLR station is located in the town of Mocenok, 17 km from the city of Nitra (place of Olympiad 2013), South-West Slovakia. With our many years of experience racing in the Prov. of Nitra, which is releasing pigeons for races in the West from Nitra, we know, that in August and September is the weather on the road from West, especially mountains of Central Czech republic and mountains of Karpatia, quite unstable, with many areas with the fog, local thunderstorms, we have decided to have release places in the South (Suoth Slovakia, Hungary and Romania). Some Czech OLR stations have with these release places very good results whit minimum looses of pigeons.
We believe that is right not to release young pigeons into the poor and extreme weather, to the rain, to the fog, to the extreme head wind and local thunderstorms and lot of predators over the mountains. We should give the young pigeons optimal conditions to show their best ability to race and orientation, and not to fight for their lives.
From above mentioned reasons, dates of practices and races are only preliminary. Each practice and race will be consulted with the jurors team, which consists of well experienced fanciers. This team will analyze the weather conditions on the road from release to the loft. Based on their recommendation, the practice or race will or will not be performed. Because of this, we will inform about the actual date on our web site (www.tsmocenok.sk) no later, than 48 hrs. prior to the practice or the race. If there will be some unexpected weather conditions on the road to the release place, the practice or the race will be changed and the distance will be shortened.
For the final race, we have choose the city of Timisoara (Romania), which is 388 km from the town of Mocenok. Release of pigeons will be filmed on the video and will be placed on our web site. Each arrival of the race will be available to see on-line in real time as well as results. On-line camera will be available on the OLR 24 hrs. a day and anyone will be able to see what is going on at the OLR each day. There will not be necessary to register to be able to use these services of the International One Loft Race Mocenok, Slovakia.


In this part we will inform you about the race, lost pigeons as well as about all the news from One Loft Race station.


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